Waco Lions Club, Waco, TX

This is a small Kiddieland type park in Waco, TX. The park was a little run down but with some work it could turn back into a nice park. They recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the park.

The regular train is a brand new G-16 type built by Swannee River Trains in Texas. The ride is a big loop around the block outside of the park. The engine house is located in two former Missouri Pacific boxcars.

The park has an MTC G-16 and a steam engine. The engineer told me that if they sole the G-16, they would have enough money to rebuild the steam engine and put it back in service.


One thought on “Waco Lions Club, Waco, TX

  1. I was wondering what the Lions were running down there, thought it was a genuine MTC but it is not. Looks like the place needs some care but may be wrong from the photos. We have the MTC 606 at Guymon, Oklahoma which is run by the Lions Club. We need 12 or 16 rail so we can add on.

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