Railroads that I have ridden on – UPDATED

Biddleford Station, Biddleford, ME – 2 ft – CLOSED

Canobie Lake, NH – Crown

Queechee Gorge Village, VT – CP Huntington

Look Park, MA – old train – MTC G-16

Riverside Park, MA (now SFNE, train gone)

Whalom Park, MA (closed)

Ecotarium, MA – CP Huntington

Lake Compounce, CT – CP Huntington

Martin’s Fantasy Island, NY – Iron Horse ( I worked there one summer)

Hershey Park, PA – Crown

Kenneywood, PA – Vulcan

Baltimore Zoo, MD – CP Huntington (old railroad before it was rebuilt)

Busch Gardens, VA – Crown

Six Flags Georgia, GA – Crown (?)

Walt Disney World, FL

Busch Gardens, FL – Crown

Museum of Transportation, MO – CP Huntington

St. Louis Zoo, MO – CP Huntington

Private RR, near Springfield, MO – homebuilt

Springfield Zoo, MO – CP Huntington

Kansas City Zoo, MO – CP Huntington

Kansas City Northern RR, MO – MTC G-16

Magic City Express, MO – homebuilt

Agriculture Hall of Fame, KS – Ottaway

Atchison RR Museum, KS

Omaha Zoo, NE – Crown

C & H RR, KS – Ottaway

Gage Park RR, KS – Iron Horse

Silver Dollar City, MO – various

Worlds of Fun, MO – Crown

Lakeside Park, CO

Private, Miami County, KS

Joplin and Springfield, Springfield, MO

Forest Park RR, Fort Worth, TX – CP Huntington

Fort Worth Zoo RR, Fort Worth, TX- Severn Lamb

Private – Stockton, CA – CP Huntington

Private – Near Stockton, CA

Sandy Lake Amusement Park, Dallas, TX – CP Huntington

Frankie Schmitz Express, Gainesville, TX

Oklahoma City Zoo, Oklahoma City, OK

Travel Town RR, CA

Downtown Aquarium, Houston, TX

Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum, Seminole, OK


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