C & H Railroad

A step back in time is the best way to describe this railroad. Hearing the steam whistle and smelling the coal smoke brings us back to the old days. This railroad near Topeka, KS is a wonderful experience.

This railroad is a private railroad that is open to the public on select days of the year. My family and I visited on Oct 30 for their Santa visit. The presentation and grounds of this railroad are first class. I felt like I was back in the early days of railroading with the smell of coal smoke in the air. The shipping container that is also the engine house is the only thing that detracts from the experience. The ride is a good size loop to the back of the property. There is a smaller inner loop that was not being used during my visit. The ride includes a large bridge and a cut that looks like it could be built into a tunnel. There are several stations on the property and a working telegraph system.

The engines are two Ottaway steamers that have been restored.

I highly reccomend checking out their website to see when they will be open to the public again.



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