Stroller Cars

I recently took my family to the Kansas City Zoo to see the animals and of course, ride the train. The train is a typical C.P. Huntington type built by Chance in Wichita, KS and I was surprised by the last car. There on the end was an old coach with the roof and seats removed that was now used as a STROLLER CAR. Before I had kids, this would have just seemed like a wasted car but now with kids in strollers, this car is a lifesaver. Kids in the seats on the train and then the stroller up on the last car. We got to the Australia Station and off came the stroller.

One example of a train that could use this type of car is the St. Louis Zoo. First off, the Zoo is first-rate and the train ride is excellent. The train is a transportation provider serving four stations except that you have to leave your stroller at the station that you board. Fold up strollers are OK but if you have a big stroller like we do, then you need to ride the train for the whole circle. This makes it a novelty ride for families and not the transportation that this line should be.

I would strongly urge all park train operators that have more than one station to add a stroller car. Used cars can be found easily and this will go a long way for your customer service. The families that ride your train will thank you for it.

Thank you Kansas City Zoo.


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