Kansas City Northern Railroad

The Kansas City Northern railroad is in Line Creek Park in Kansas City, MO north of downtown. The line is a big loop and for 50 cents you get two laps around. The kids love riding through the tunnel. The train gets some good speed as it goes through the curves and across the access road.  

If you love Minitaure Train Company G-16 engines, then this is the railroad for you. They have three units painted for the Kansas City Southern, Union Pacific and Missouri Pacific. They recently added a business car in their own paint scheme. Note to the KCN – when are you going to add a Santa Fe train???

Sharing the same building is a model railroad club with a large layout. I can’t remember when the layout is open but it is nice to see.

There website is www.kcnrr.com and they have a history of the engines as well as a map. Also, they are all volunteer and I feel that they do a great job.


One thought on “Kansas City Northern Railroad

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit the Kansas City Northern Railroad. That G-16 in the picture used to operate at the Pittsburgh Zoo way back when before they got the C.P. Huntington trains that I operate there.

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